What do you know about investing in Sweden?

Sweden, which is part of the Schengen area and the European Union, has one of the most powerful economies, and is a promising and attractive market for investment, especially with its good relationship with the countries of the world.

Moving to Sweden for work, investment, or immigration is a dream for many people, especially those who want to develop or change their lives for the better, and own a project or investment business of their own.

The laws in Sweden guarantee privileged and equal treatment for all, regardless of gender, age, race or disability, whether the person is alone or with his family if he can obtain the necessary permits for that.

The economic conditions of a large number of immigrants have improved, and they have a good standard of living in addition to a sense of security and stability all the time.

The Swedish government is distinguished as a country that applies laws to combat gender discrimination, not only in the family, but also in the practical aspect, and despite this men still dominate in boardrooms and in the investment sector.

Women accounted for only 19% of all board seats in companies owned by the private investment sector, according to a study conducted by the HUI Research Center commissioned by the Swedish Federation for Private Equity and Venture Capital, while the Nasdaq OMX index in Stockholm indicated that women own a third of seats in companies. This is an imbalance between a woman and a man.

Investing in Sweden is politically and economically stable, and it is very safe, especially in view of the standards and laws of the Scandinavian countries, and requires full awareness of choosing the appropriate field for those wishing to do so, and being aware of investment criteria in Sweden.

Wood, hydroelectric power generation and iron ore constitute the economic resource base, which is largely directed towards foreign trade, while the Swedish engineering sector represents about 50% of production and exports, and the real estate sector occupies a good proportion of the labor market in Sweden as well.

Economic strength provides many qualifications and advantages through which the investor gets everything he needs to build his project with ease and ease, such as infrastructure, science, knowledge and certificates held by local residents and those available to work in the project, and rapid economic growth and development, which in turn leads to the investor obtaining High and fast financial returns, as well as ensuring continuity in the project.

In order to facilitate investment in Sweden and to know a lot in this regard, the “Sweden Investment – ​​Sweden for Investment” company seeks to assist foreign investors, by presenting and identifying the influential economic indicators in Sweden, which are in line with the latest figures issued by the World Bank and the Swedish Statistics Office, as well as the best destinations And the sectors that attract investment greatly to achieve what it seeks.